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Philip Jamison Pianos
since 1971

Philip Jamison Pianos
West Chester, PA



Here's a question I'm often asked:
"How long does a piano last?"

Well, the answer depends on the piano amd how it's been kept. A piano sitting next to a woodstove in a dank cellar may not last very long. A well-built piano, properly cared-for may last a century or more. I've sold pianos built before World War I that were in excellent condition and ready for several more generations. But I've seen (hopefully not sold!) pianos from the 1970s in need of complete restoration. All pianos I sell have been fully inspected, repaired and adjusted. All are tuned to concert pitch (A440). I fully expect all the pianos I sell to last at least fifty years without major repair. Some will last much longer, if they are properly cared for.

I sell all types of piano from student instruments to concert grands. My selection is not huge, but I almost always have a few select pianos at different prices from a few hundred to several thousand dollars. Feel free to contact me with your want list, and I will tell you if I can help. My workshop in West Chester, PA is open by appointment.

I always have used and restored pianos for sale. Feel free to call and tell me what type of piano are looking for. I have student pianos from $450, grand pianos from under $1,000, as well as player pianos, orchestrions and nickelodeons!

All my pianos include free delivery within 25 miles of West Chester, PA 19382, free tuning and one year guarantee.
Some pianos are in good, original condition, some have been restored. We are a workshop, so no regular hours. Just call to set up a visit.



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